Are you stuck in the past? Spending too much time thinking about something that happened yesterday, or last month?

Endlessly rehashing conversations and berating yourself for saying something dumb, not being kind enough, or that whole host of bad decisions from 2009?

I didn’t treat her well. That was very poor behavior.
I made that huge mistake at work. That was so dumb, and it cost our company a lot of money.
I said that thing that I shouldn’t have. What an idiot. I should have been more sensitive.
Can you believe it? I called that guy seven times in a row. SE-VEN.

Maybe you have been taking a really long ride on the blame bus. But now it’s time to get off.

Here’s a concept I got from Brendon Burchard, my very favorite personal development guru.

Everybody talks about letting go of the past, but one way to really make peace with yourself is to develop a real fondness for what happened. A kind of nostalgia.

Yes, I said that one thing, and it was pretty dumb. But other than that, we had a really great time that day.

Of coooourse I called that guy seven times. That is so hilarious of me. Maybe it looked a little crazy, but I really liked him.

People make mistakes sometimes. But I learned from it. I won’t do the same thing again…

This means appreciating the past: the relationships you had, the time or work you put in, the good feelings you got to feel.

If you’ve been riding the blame bus, take a moment to really appreciate the good things about the situation. Yes, maybe some things went wrong. But if it was 90 percent good and 10 percent bad, then you get to choose which parts to remember.

I know which one I would choose…