You thought that the real world would be really fun. Rewarding, even.

But right now, something feels off.

There’s something you want, but you’re not sure how to get it.

Maybe it’s real love. Quality friendships.
A fulfilling career. A sense of adventure.

Whatever it is, it feels elusive. You feel a bit lost, and sometimes it really gets to you.

In just 15 minutes, I’ll help you figure out the next step.

I’m Kristyn, and I’m a writer.

I have a passion for helping others find their way. I’ve studied personal development for more than ten years, including training to be a life coach.

Think of me as a mechanic, but for your life.

Now, I’m talking to 100 people for free.

First, you’ll schedule your Pit Stop. It’s 15 minutes with me via phone, text, or Facebook chat.

When the time arrives, we’ll talk about you: your worries, desires, wants and fears.

You’ll tell me what you’re seeking, and I’ll help you identify the next step you can take to get there.

No catch, just a listening ear with a desire to help.

Sound good? Schedule your Pit Stop today.