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That’s how your life is feeling right now.

When you look around at your world, you know this just isn’t right.

The only things you’re really enjoying lately? Netflix binges, nights out with your girlfriends and a good mocha latte.

There’s got to be more than this, doesn’t there? You can’t imagine spending the rest of your life exhausted, dreading each “new” day and the same-ole-same-ole slog that along comes with it. You’re bored—like, profoundly bored, way down in your heart. 


That’s where I come in.


Hi, my name is Kristyn, and I’m here to make you best friends with joy.

I’m talking things like:

  • Being excited for the future again—no more secret hopelessness you only tell your journal or a bag of chips about
  • Getting rid of all the resentment-filled garbage you feel obligated to do so you can make room for the stuff you love
  • Creating a kinder, clearer view of yourself and your situation
  • Learning how to kick anxiety to the curb and replace it with relief. (Say ahh.)


As a result of our work together, you will:

  • Feel better: that means more relief and less anxiety
  • Have a kinder, clearer view of yourself and your situation
  • Be excited for the future again: no more feeling stressed out, alone and hopeless.
  • Stop doing things because you feel like you have to – instead, do them because you want to


Diana Willard
diana_willard_profileBefore I talked with Kristyn, I was feeling overwhelmed and scattered. I had no idea where or how to begin working through a major career decision I had coming up. Kristyn was incredibly warm and welcoming, so I immediately felt at ease, as though I’d known her for a long time. She was patient and supportive as I rambled on and got all my thoughts and feelings out, asking probing questions and telling little anecdotes from her own life. Afterwards, I felt so much more clear and relaxed. I am still working through this decision, but from a much calmer, more focused place now. Thank you, Kristyn!
Diana Willard


We’re going to take a rose-colored microscope to that life of yours and give it an all-star makeover the type you deserve. We’ll discover what you want for your life, for your career, for your relationships, for all of it, and then we’ll set up an easy-to-navigate road map to get you there.

It’s time to design a life that makes YOU happy.


Mónica Lozano Cruz
MonicaLozanoKristyn has an amazing way of making you feel understood. She knows how to listen and asks all the rights questions, and the tips and ideas she brings are easy to implement – with powerful results. And the best of all, is that she does so with a sweetness that makes you forget you just met her a few minutes ago!
Mónica Lozano Cruz


Why me?

Because something brought you here today. Because I have a gift for finding the positive in situations and seeing things from a brighter perspective. Because I have a careful, gentle approach to coaching. Because I’m not a tough-love kind of coach: talking with me feels more like hanging out with a friend.


Why now?

Because the sooner you’re start, the better you’re gonna feel.

Ready to inject your life with soaring levels of happiness? Me too. Book your package here:

I like to listen. I have a gift for finding the positive in situations and seeing things from a brighter perspective. I have a careful, gentle approach to coaching. I’m not a tough-love kind of coach: talking with me feels more like hanging out with a friend.


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